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It is often the case that mobile slot players will have at one time or another played at some of the many different online casino sites and if you have experience of playing slots at those sites then there is a very good chance that you will have come across slot games that have been designed by a company called NetEnt.

This company is famed for their no download required online gaming platform and they are also very well known for designing some of the most playable slot games all of which boast something completely different either via their base games or via their bonus games or even a combination of the two!

NetEnt have of course now launched many of their most played and therefore most popular online slot games onto their own mobile gaming platform and as such you will find plenty of mobile casinos now offering the NetEnt range of mobile games, of which there are quite a few available.

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Most Played NetEnt Mobile Slots

To give you a few ideas in regards to which mobile slot games from NetEnt that we really did enjoy playing when we tested each and every single one of them out, below you will find the most popular and most played slot games on offer from NetEnt which by the way just happened to be the slots that we loved playing, so there is definitely something special about each of the following slot games!

South Park – If you are quite open minded in regards to what you are going to experience when playing a mobile slot game then give the South Park mobile slot game some play time, this is a slot themed around the adult cartoon series of the same name, but be warned it is certainly an adults only mobile slot for some of the things you will see when playing it will make you smile, but not if you are in any way easily offended! Warning: keep the sound off if you’re in public!

Twin Spin – You will enjoy the unique way that this Twin Spin slot game works and plays for it is not like most other slots, in fact when you set a base game spin into live play at least two of the reels will spin and then land with the same reel symbols on the same reel positions, and as such as those reels are also guaranteed to be side by side reels then with some luck in play you could form multiple winning combinations.

Star Burst – The Star Burst mobile slot game is going to give you a very low variance type of playing format and structure and that is going to appeal to slot players who are not wishing to take lots of risks when playing slots on a mobile device. The regularly spun in winning combinations will ensure you get plenty of play time from your slot playing budget and whilst the chance of a large winning payout is possible you will find it is a more slow paced slot in regards to the winning payouts which spin in regularly but those wins will more than likely be small modest ones!

Disco Spins – One mobile slot game that should get your toes tapping along as you spin its reels, if of course you have the audio settings switched on, is the Disco Spins lot, the theme of this funky looking slot game is of a 1970’s disco and as such except lots of retro themed reel symbols spinning in as you play it!

Mega Fortune – The only reason you will end up playing the Mega Fortune slot game is when you discover its current progressive jackpot value, this slot can and does turn slot players into multi millionaires due to its mega progressive jackpot payout, and as such if you want a chance, but albeit a small one of becoming super rich then this is the slot that could award you with enough cash to live a very comfortable life!

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