Top Mobile Slots for iPhone

As more and more people are getting to like the many different models of iPhone that have been released, many online casino gaming platform suppliers and the casinos they supply their games and platforms to are launching their own mobile casino sites, and as such you are now blessed with being able to play lots of different mobile slots on any type of iPhone you own!

Top 3 iPhone Slots Casinos:

  3. Guts

We have several mobile casino sites fully reviewed on our website so you will certainly have no shortages of mobile casinos to which to play at, and as each of them have a huge range of mobile slots on offer and of course lots of welcome bonuses on offer you will find you can get some fun and entertaining and even longer slot playing sessions if you claim as many of those welcome bonuses are you can!

Below are the iPhone compatible mobile slot games we enjoyed playing and as each of those listed below offer something different and unique via their structure and design we are more than convinced you will enjoy playing some if not all of them yourself, so do try and play them as soon as you can!

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Halloweenies – The Halloweenies slot game has two bonus games on offer, and whilst those bonus games are the standard free spins and pick to win types of bonus games this slot is famed for triggering those bonus rounds much more often than when you play most other bonus game awarding video slots on a mobile device, and as such you will find when playing this slot more and more you get awarded those bonus games many more times than when you choose to play any other mobile slot game that offers one or more bonus feature rounds!

High Society – You will often find when playing slot games that the large number of paylines you need to send into live play to have the maximum number of winning chances is way too large for you to afford to play them all, however the High Society mobile slot only has a modest number of paylines and thanks to its high payout percentage and its high paying bonus and base game the very real chance of winning big when playing it even for low stake amounts is always possible, so do give it a whirl when you next log into any of our featured mobile casino sites!

Isis – The Egyptian theme of the Isis slot is often the only reason why some mobile slot players give it a try, however many other players enjoy playing this mobile slot game due to the fact it is one of the very highest variance slot games currently available, and that means some larger than average winning payouts can be awarded not just on its base game but also when the free spins round bonus game feature round has been awarded.

Kathmandu – You will be hoping that as soon as you set the five video reels of this mobile slot game spinning you get at least three scatter symbols spinning in on the next spin, for that is the way in which you get to play off a set of free spins. Thanks to the simple fact that an additional wild symbol comes into play during the free spins round plenty of extra winning combinations can and do form as those free spins all play off.

Lion’s Pride – With one hundred paylines that you can send into play the lion’s Pride slot game really is going to be an all action mobile slot, be aware that you are able to play this slot game for several different stake options and coin settings so do not think you will have to set aside a huge amount of cash to play it as the stakes you can play it for can be quite modest, but do try and play it with all of the lines in play to never miss out on any winning combinations forming.


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